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First Responder case study - MIME® Pro

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Our new film on MIME® Pro demonstrates how our innovative mobile software combines with medical-grade, Bluetooth®, wireless sensors for use in global first response. The film also shows our capacity to stream real-time data for live remote review in any emergency care centre in the world.

MIME® is applicable to any organisation that has a responsibility for delivering first response in medical emergencies. This product makes it as simple as possible for responders to capture and communicate an accurate and complete record of on-scene care. 

We recognise just how difficult it can be to do this in real-life, so we developed unique patient monitoring software to address this global challenge.

On-scene SUPPORT

A guide through key first aid assessment steps - in-line with training and clinical quality indicators.

Digital data capture

Records, reports and communicates on-scene data. Includes location, findings and interventions.

Medical sensor technology

Upgrade to Bluetooth® wireless monitoring using clinical-grade medical sensors. Can help to identify early warning signs of patient deterioration.

Cloud Analytics

Send data away from the scene. Informs patient care pathway, avoids inefficiencies, standardises clinical governance & audit.

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