Our software

Our software

MIME® technology solutions support the provision of effective care in any location remote from professional medical assistance. Our intelligent app is completely scalable, from providing the first person on-scene at a medical emergency with simple guidance, to a customer-specified upgrade using Bluetooth® wireless medical sensors for real-time vital signs monitoring. Because our app is modular, you only choose the functionality you need, making it highly cost-effective.

Track patient changes:

Users can be alerted to changes in NEWS (national early warning scores) in a simple 'traffic light formation', helping to identify patient improvement or deterioration. Our technology allows for the recording of any on-scene actions, observations and patient findings. 

Summarise care:

At the touch of a button MIME® produces an English Language patient report, quickly summarising each episode of care. Our software is designed to easily communicate on-scene events and support patient handover.

The whole patient journey:

MIME® includes a secure cloud solution, enabling information captured remotely to be shared with the healthcare network, preparing medical professionals and directing the right pathway of treatment. Real-time reporting can avoid inefficiencies, standardise clinical governance and simplify audit procedures.

Use MIME® in remote emergencies to:

1. Provide users with on-scene support

2. Capture and communicate care in real-time

3. Track incidents on the move

4. Continuously monitor a patient's vital signs 

5. Identify patient deterioration or improvement

6. Inform patient care pathways 

7. Standardise clinical governance and simplify audit procedures

Whatever your requirements, MIME® is available on a monthly subscription basis, flexible to your needs for the provision of healthcare in remote or inaccessible locations. Choose MIME® and drive digital innovation in remote and rural healthcare.

On-scene SUPPORT

A guide through key first aid assessment steps - in-line with training and clinical quality indicators.

Digital data capture

Records, reports and communicates on-scene data. Includes location, findings and interventions.

Medical sensor technology

Upgrade to Bluetooth® wireless monitoring using clinical-grade medical sensors. Can help to identify early warning signs of patient deterioration.

Cloud Analytics

Send data away from the scene. Informs patient care pathway, avoids inefficiencies, standardises clinical governance & audit.

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