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Blog bites: This was the week that...MIME met Paul Wheelhouse MSP

For most start-ups and spin-outs having the opportunity to tell quite literally anyone about the exciting things you do is what drives you forwards. But if that person is an MSP then the entrepreneur's brain goes haywire with excitement and opportunity! And that is exactly what happened when MIME CEO Alasdair met Paul Wheelhouse MSP, the new Minister for Business, Innovation & Energy. The potential for MIME to promote organisational and community resilience and response has always been at the core of our thinking. This aligns well with the Scottish Government's strategic objective for a 'Safer and Stronger' Scotland with strong, resilient and supportive communities. MIME started life as a cutting-edge project at the RCUK-funded dot.rural Digital Economy Hub at the University of Aberdeen. Indeed, starting out designing technology for extremes of rurality or remoteness has been instrumental in developing technology that works first time out of the box, or straight after download. We hope to meet up with Paul again soon so that we can talk more about MIME, and about his passion for supporting Scotland and ambitious Scottish businesses like ours.


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