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Summer Travel Health Tips

Summer is finally here, and most of you have probably already planned your summer holidays. It’s often the best part of the year, a time to relax, unwind and enjoy, but before that, you need to pack! Whether you are jetting off into the sunshine or pitching a tent in “sunny” Scotland, packing can be a stressful process. What if you forget to take something important with you to help you manage your health? Although holidays should be fun, there is always the possibility of feeling unwell, so do make sure that you take everything you need to help you stay healthy.

Regardless of your destination, there are a few things you should not forget to pack. To help you put your feet up when you get there, MIME’s team have a few tips, just to make life a bit easier for you.

1. Over the Counter Medication

Pain relief such as paracetamol or an anti-inflammatory drug is useful, headaches can be a common symptom when you are traveling in countries with different temperatures comparing to your home country. Be prepared and pack anti-diarrhoea medication especially if you are traveling in countries where food is different from your home. Are you heading off on a cruise? Then motion sickness medication or travel sickness wrist bands always come in handy. Last but not least remember mosquito repellent and antihistamine cream for insects’ bites (yes even in Scotland we have the dreaded midge!) The above over the counter items can be purchased at your local pharmacy.

2. Sun protection

Although most of us enjoy sun, we should not forget that prolonged skin exposure can be very harmful to our health both short and longer term. Ultraviolet light comes from the sun, but did you know it can also bounce off other surfaces like water, snow, and concrete? That means that even if you’re under an umbrella, you can still get sunburn. A good UV protective sunscreen cream with high UVA protection should ALWAYS be packed in your case when you are traveling to warm climates. If you do get sunburn, then it can be useful to apply an aftersun with aloe vera content to relieve the discomfort and cool the skin.

3. Prescription drugs

If you need medication for a long-term health condition, such as high blood pressure or diabetes, you may be able to get an extra supply of medication to cover your time away. Conditions will apply, so contact your GP and discuss in advance of travelling. Also, it is worthwhile finding out if there are any restrictions on taking your medicine in and out of the UK and the country you are visiting.

4. Vaccination

Although, this is not something you can pack, it should be on your holiday checklist in case you are traveling to countries where you need to be vaccinated. You can find more information about the specific country you are traveling to on the NHS website.

5. Vitamin C

As traveller numbers reach new heights with 4 billion people travelling by plane in 2018, this also means that not only airports but also ports and transportation hubs will be busy. Good news for our economies, but it also means that we can pick up bacterial or viral infections via direct contact. For this reason, vitamin C boosts our immune system and helps to prevent annoying colds, allowing you to enjoy your holidays.

6. Hand sanitizers

This item should always be in your purse. By sanitising your hands frequently, you help to keep the germs away...simple!

7. First Aid kit

This item is a must for those who are planning to spend their holidays on an outdoors adventure. Whether you are planning to climb a mountain, cycle or participate in sea sports, a first aid kit should be in your backpack. Check the NHS website regarding the components of a well organised kit.

From MIME’s team, as well as this practical guide, don’t forget to enjoy an ice lolly or two. We wish you a very happy summer holiday!


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