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Run the Runway

At MIME® we aim to change the way inflight First Aid response is provided, supporting passengers with either acute onset of symptoms, or those with long term conditions. Therefore, it means a lot to us to support charities that have a positive impact on someone’s experience when they are ill.

Speaking of which, Maggie’s Highland is one of those charities that is here to have a positive impact, providing emotional and practical help and giving advice to those affected by cancer. The beautiful interior design of Maggie’s building also provides an escape for those who need it most.

So, this year, our COO Dr Alasdair Mort decided to “Run the Runway” to support Maggie’s Highland. On several occasions Maggie’s has supported the families of team members at MIME®...so we couldn’t think of a better a cause to raise money for.

Committed to his goal, Dr Mort spent his August nights in training, with the goal THE RUN at Inverness airport, supported by EasyJet, British Airways and KLM on the 31st of August at MIDNIGHT. The team are used to stepping onto runways for travel, but never onto a runway at midnight to RUN! We raised money for Maggies through the GoFundMe platform.

The participation of runners was overwhelming despite the low temperatures of 9°C (yes this is almost Autumn in the Highlands of Scotland!) and so were the donations on our platform! Maggie’s raised £30K on that night and MIME® with the support of all of you, raised a total of £460 which exceeded our initial goal. All funds will be deposited to Maggie’s account to support their mission.

Thank you to everyone who sponsored Dr Mort, but most of all thank you Maggie’s...keep working on this purpose because you are needed!


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