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Success as MIME Technologies reach the top six in Scotland's largest Entrepreneurial Competition

The Converge Challenge 2015

MIME Technologies Ltd were celebrating last night as they reached the top six in Scotland's premier Company creation competition - The Converge Challenge. The team were delighted with their achievement and celebrated being part of Scotland's entrepreneurial spirit, alongside 200 guests at the awards dinner in Glasgow's Great Barony Hall, University of Strathclyde.


An inflight solution for medical events & emergencies - supporting cabin crew from take-off to landing for major and minor incidents.


An onboard solution for commercial maritime and superyachts, a technology that links the ship with onshore medical providers.


Communicate to remote medical providers anywhere worldwide using secure cloud technology. Share vital signs data using medical-grade sensors. React to early signs of casualty deterioration. Fast.

Record & Comply

Harness the power of medical emergency data, supporting airline pilots and sea captains to make informed diversion decisions. Reflect on your data for audit and training.

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