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Mobile Developer Opportunity

We are growing fast at MIME Technologies and this is the perfect time for us to grow our team, too.

We have an exciting opportunity for a Mobile Developer to join our tech team. We have developed a fantastic Med-tech product Aiber and are progressing at pace. At MIME Technologies we offer a flexible working environment whilst developing a product that you can be genuinely proud of. Our mission is to bring confidence to those who travel by air or sea with our innovative technology that helps in remote medical emergencies.

We are looking for a developer with 3 or more years of mobile development experience with the following:

  • Angular (not AngularJS)
  • Typescript
  • Ionic v4 or above (not necessary, but would be advantageous)
  • SQL (any flavour is fine, but ideally one or more of SQL Server, MySQL & SQLite)
  • Must have experience of developing mobile applications using the above for iOS and understand the iOS/Apple ecosystem

Find out more about the role here


An inflight solution for medical events & emergencies - supporting cabin crew from take-off to landing for major and minor incidents.


An onboard solution for commercial maritime and superyachts, a technology that links the ship with onshore medical providers.


Communicate to remote medical providers anywhere worldwide using secure cloud technology. Share vital signs data using medical-grade sensors. React to early signs of casualty deterioration. Fast.

Record & Comply

Harness the power of medical emergency data, supporting airline pilots and sea captains to make informed diversion decisions. Reflect on your data for audit and training.

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