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Blog bites: MIME visits amazing new Hello Digital space at Highlands & Islands Enterprise

You've all seen it before. Most 'working' spaces are the run-of-the-mill desk + chairs + computers + phones. Possibly a nice sofa. Potentially a nice coffee machine nestling in the corner. This is great, but if you're looking to do something radically different and have a space designed to inspire and innovate then it needs to look the part too. MIME spent some time in the Hello Digital space at Highlands & Islands' (HIE) new flagship building An Lochran on Inverness Campus. This was part of a meet up with local business owners and Code Clan to discuss the availability of people with software development skills in our area. Picture the scene: glass front, large video wall, 3D printer in the corner, retro 3.5" disk coasters. Clearly, having a room like this doesn't in itself deliver innovation, but it looks like HIE have it spot on with their strategy. So often we only see this type of facility in larger urban centres, so we're delighted to see something like it in the Highlands. At MIME we firmly believe in using our Highland surroundings to help inspire and innovate. So we're totally on-board with amazing spaces like this, and we really hope that it inspires others and delivers the impact that the area needs.


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