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MIME Technologies attend the 2016 Scottish Life Sciences Award

Scottish Life Science Awards & Dinner in Edinburgh

An exciting evening for the team at MIME Technologies as they attended the Scottish Life Sciences Annual Awards and dinner at the iconic national Museum of Scotland. The team were invited by Highland's & Islands Enterprise in recognition of their postive support and interaction during 2016. Roll on next year.....maybe we will be up for an award, watch this space!


Technology for inflight medical emergencies - remote in time or distance from professional care.


Bluetooth® wireless vital signs monitoring using clinical-grade sensors. React to early warning signs of casualty improvement or deterioration. Fast.


Communicate in real-time to ground based medical providers anywhere worldwide using secure cloud technology at any altitude.

Record & Comply

Improve incident recording. Technology for cabin crew to securely record crucial on-scene observations and actions. Reflect on your data for governance, audit and training.

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