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MIME Technologies appoints Ian Stevens as Non-Executive Chairman

It is with great pleasure that we announce the appointment of Ian Stevens as MIME Technologies’ Non-Executive Chairman. Ian has a wealth of management experience in the med-tech space, including being CEO of Touch Bionics – sold to Icelandic Orthotic and Prosthetic manufacturer Ossur in 2016 – and CFO at Optos plc, a medical technology company specialising in retinal imaging. A graduate of the University of Edinburgh and a previous RAF Officer, Ian is also a chartered accountant, which adds significant financial strength to our board. Finally, Ian was captain of rugby team London Irish in the 1990s, so he certainly knows how to manage a team, on and off the pitch!

It was a key target of MIME Technologies to secure a Chairman by summer 2018, but not just any Chairman. We spent time analysing exactly what the business needed, focusing on a high-growth strategy in the aviation sector. This market is forecast to double in size between now and 2036, and is one where our intelligent first response software can make a significant difference to passengers and crew. Ian has come on-board to help us to execute on this plan, with an initial focus on achieving equity investment in late Q3 of this year.

A founding ethos at MIME Technologies is “on the same level”, which the picture of Ian, and Founders Alasdair and Anne conveys. Ian is very tall – which explains his rugby proficiency – but the photograph expertly taken by Stewart Attwood brings us all back to the same size. And for MIME Technologies to be successful we need to be on the same level as each other, but also with our customers. We have a sound track record of this – including working with the British Red Cross – so let’s keep up the good work MIMErs. Onwards and upwards.


An inflight solution for medical events & emergencies - supporting cabin crew from take-off to landing for major and minor incidents.


An onboard solution for commercial maritime and superyachts, a technology that links the ship with onshore medical providers.


Communicate to remote medical providers anywhere worldwide using secure cloud technology. Share vital signs data using medical-grade sensors. React to early signs of casualty deterioration. Fast.

Record & Comply

Harness the power of medical emergency data, supporting airline pilots and sea captains to make informed diversion decisions. Reflect on your data for audit and training.

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