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The Company Flight Plan for 2019

There’s a lot of jargon in aviation, so it’s important for you to know your PANTS (a streamlined, non-load bearing fairing to cover landing wheels) from your TOUCH-AND-GO (used commonly in practise, when an aircraft lands then takes off without stopping). There’s lots to remember and it’s easy to get confused. So, the team at MIME decided to put together a 2019 FLIGHT PLAN of our own for customers and followers, designed to show you our company’s AIR SPEED INDICATOR (how quickly we’re progressing), and our ANGLE OF ATTACK (what we are going to do and when). So, sit back, relax, let the cabin crew look after you, and Captains (aka Founders Mort and Roberts) will take you into the cruise, updating you throughout the journey. Oh, and the conditions at our arrival airport look great by the way! So, down to business.

How’s the journey going?

So far in 2019, the MIME team has spent a lot of time on planes, trains and automobiles. It’s all about execution and growth. The final bolt on the wing of our technology’s validation plan is scheduled for the Spring, working with a truly household name of aviation. Once that’s been successfully navigated it’s onwards and upwards to FLIGHT LEVEL 38,000 feet over Las Vegas (literally).

What does the route look like?

We’ll be attending the Airline Medical Directors’ Association (AMDA) meeting in Las Vegas in May (part of the Aerospace Medical Association’s – ASMA – Annual Scientific Meeting), EBACE, the European Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (Geneva, May), followed by Aviation Health in London in September. Already this year, the team have met with the Civil Aviation Authority, discussing the best ways to improve medical incident data - our aim is to be the industry’s example of ‘good practice’ when it comes to supporting medical incident response. But there are a whole host of other events in the pipeline as we taxi our way through the year. Keep an eye on our Twitter and LinkedIn feeds for company updates, and the news section of our website (where, of course, you will be reading this now).

How fast will we be flying?

You may have seen in the news that a Boeing 787 Dreamliner set a speed record recently, flying at more than 800 miles per hour (helped, clearly, by a very powerful jet stream). In a nutshell, the team at MIME has the same ambitions. We want to support aircraft diversion decision-making in the most cost-effective manner possible (for every airline, not just the big players), benefit from the worldwide proliferation of clinical-grade medical sensors, and champion the capture of the very best quality of aviation medical incident data. At every step of the way we want to help push boundaries and support aviation’s digital agenda. More aircraft than ever before leave the factory with high capacity broadband, so make the most of what you’ve already got and keep it intelligent but simple.

Which passengers will be boarding?

We have an exciting development roadmap, with new vacancies opening up in 2019, including a computing scientist and new administrative team. Keep in touch with our job adverts through social media. If you have what it takes to work for a high-growth, innovative company that mixes aviation with innovative life science, get in touch with our crew. Our email is: info@mimetechnologies.com

So, it’ll be busy, and Air Traffic Control will have a job keeping up with us as we make like Maverick and Goose in Top Gun. But, above all, cut the jargon, keep it simple, and be the best in market.

Want to keep in touch? Stay tuned on all frequencies…website, Twitter, and company LinkedIn.


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