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HAPPY VALENTINES DAY. Our team talks about the most kissed face of all time and the importance of knowing your CPR - on land, in the air or at sea.

For those of you who celebrate Valentine’s Day then it’s out with the chocolates and flowers! But at MIME Technologies, this is the one day of the year that reminds our team of the importance of the most kissed face of all time. Who is it that? I hear you ask. Well, this of course this is 'L'Inconnue de la Seine', otherwise referred to as the beautiful, unknown woman of the Seine. According to the story, her body was pulled from the River by the Quai du Louvre in Paris in the late 1880s. With no known marks of violence on her body, it was suspected that she had taken her own life.

It was reported that the pathologist at the Paris Morgue, was struck by her beauty and made a wax plaster cast “death mask” of her face to hang on shop doors – the aim to identify this unknown woman. Her face then became a fixture on artist’s walls in the 1900s and beyond.  Her identity was never discovered. According to other reported accounts, the mask was taken from the daughter of a German mask manufacturer.

Regardless – this face of the unknown woman became the most kissed in the world after it was used as the inspiration for the first aid model that formed the resuscitation mannequin “Resusci Anne”, also referred to as Rescue Annie. This cardiopulmonary resuscitation  CPR mannequin now is a support and demonstration tool for delivering international CPR training. This includes first responders in the wider general public as well as first aiders working for organisations where ambulances can’t go, like cabin crew for airlines across the world.

So if there is one thing you do this Valentine’s day, follow in the footsteps of the MIME Technologies team, put your lips on hers and learn your CPR!


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