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BBC Radio Interview

Lots of company developments have occurred over the last couple of months. Our latest round of investment will be a catalyst for company growth and the PR in relation to this investment was published by high-calibre sources such as The Scotsman and Young Company Finance to name but a few. However, the team at MIME® were most delighted when, out of the blue, they were invited to talk about the value of our in-flight medical technology on radio....cue Andrew Black.

So on the 17th October 2019 our CEO, Anne Roberts took to the BBC Radio Scotland studios in Edinburgh, to be interviewed by Andrew. This was an opportunity for the wider general public (and everyday traveller) to hear about our innovation designed to help a passenger if they become unwell in the air. Andrew talked to Anne about how the idea for new in-flight medical technology began and how MIME® has interacted with large airline customers. He also questioned Anne about future plans and company developments for the year ahead. The theme of the morning appeared to be aviation and space, and Andrew nicely followed up our more serious, business-focused interview with a more light-hearted segment discussing Virgin Galactic’s new space suits!

The MIME® Team would like to thank BBC Radio Scotland for engaging with such an important topic.


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