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A Letter from MIME Technologies

The Proclaimers once composed in their 1987 hit single 'Letter from America' about, "Lochaber no more, Sutherland no more, Lewis no more, Skye no more." You can just about hear the song as you read those words, and the lyrics became synonymous with the Freshers week melee at universities (probably still just as relevant in 3017 as in 2017), at really any event that had some element of 1) 'disco' and 2) 'Scottishness', although not exclusively. It was a tremendous international success, and it was written around emigration as the theme. Emigration in modern times, due in part to the decline of Scottish manufacturing. Emigration in olden times, during the Highland Clearances. Ultimately, being forced to leave because of some fundamental change that was utterly incompatible with staying put.

I write and reflect on this as MIME Technologies celebrates its one-year anniversary of 'spinning out' of our university. This has been a very successful year, winning Scottish Edge, starting our Scottish Enterprise SMART: Scotland feasibility award, taking on more staff and getting the keys to our first proper office. Small steps, but big changes in the life of a growing company. We are based in Inverness - the Highland capital. The Highlands & Islands have always had a strong industrial base. But they are now also home to the likes of Fishbox, who are taking mail order boxed fish and shellfish to the next B2C level. To Carbon Dynamic, who are manufacturing some of the most beautiful and hi-tech modular homes, including in collaboration with NHS Highland; the FIT Home, designed to help people stay at home for longer. These initiatives are being catalysed by the new Inverness Campus, home to Highlands and Islands Enterprise, UHI Inverness College and a growing number of small companies such as Aseptium. There is now a growing entrepreneurial community, and because we're in the Highlands we think we do business that wee bit differently. Distance is of little object to us, so it means that we really understand the challenges of being remote. This is particularly important for MIME, as we develop novel software solutions for remote care providers responding to medical emergencies. Understanding distance and diversity are our core strengths.

So unlike in The Proclaimers song, it's definitely not "Inverness no more". We're here to stay, and expect to hear more about other new friends in the north. I very much look forward to what's next for MIME in years to come, and we will most definitely walk 500 miles to deliver the very best solutions and support to all our customers.

Dr Alasdair Mort, CEO

Photo by Cathryn Lavery on Unsplash


An inflight solution for medical events & emergencies - supporting cabin crew from take-off to landing for major and minor incidents.


An onboard solution for commercial maritime and superyachts, a technology that links the ship with onshore medical providers.


Communicate to remote medical providers anywhere worldwide using secure cloud technology. Share vital signs data using medical-grade sensors. React to early signs of casualty deterioration. Fast.

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Harness the power of medical emergency data, supporting airline pilots and sea captains to make informed diversion decisions. Reflect on your data for audit and training.

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