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Press & Journal feature

The Press & Journal coverage of MIME Technologies £80,000 Scottish EDGE win. The entrepreneurial competition is support by Sir Tom Hunter and the Hunter Foundation. 

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Winners of Scottish EDGE Round 10

We pitched, we answered...WE WON! MIME Technologies secured £80,000 at the Scottish EDGE Round 10 finals. The event took place at RBS Headquarters in Edinburgh and the high calibre panel of judges included ASOS chairman Brian McBride and BrewDog's "Captain" James Watt. The prize funds will be used for new cross platform developments to ensure our technology can be accessed from any mobile device worldwide. In addition, we were delighted to be identified for our high growth potential and also won a trip to Silicon Valley, home of the world's most successful tech start-ups. A successful week!

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Definitions of 'remote' - it's not just about distance, by Alasdair Mort

‘Remote’ – from the Latin ‘remotus’ (removed) Adjective 1.       Distant from towns and cities - “a remote Scottish glen” 2.       Having minimal relationship or connection - “The brother and sister’s relationship was always remote” 3.       A networked computing system - “Remote access is available through IP address 192.34.673.21”   Flick through your dictionary of choice and this is the sort of definition you will see for the word ‘remote’. It’s the type of description that most of us would think of instinctively, although I would guess that most people would imagine distance first. Your mind might drift to a...

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Remote sports - incidents on the hillside

Our team recently attended a fantastic mountain biking event at the bottom of Ben Nevis in Scotland. We spent the day interacting with customers and discussing the challenges of first-response and emergency care during a remote sports event. Our mobile technology had 4G coverage all around the route! 

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Rural & remote digital healthcare: challenge or opportunity? By Anne Roberts

In a world where digital technologies are at the forefront of everything we do, how much of a disadvantage are our remote communities really facing? Globally, we increasingly see mobile devices being used as a healthcare hub; we store information on ourselves daily, like activities, diet, exercise and sleep.…this trend is only set to increase! Although few are currently integrated into our NHS, the future is most likely to see more sophisticated mobile health apps. We are even beginning to see drones being tested to deliver healthcare packages to remote locations. The key contributor to speeding up this process...

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On-scene SUPPORT

A guide through key first aid assessment steps - in-line with training and clinical quality indicators.

Digital data capture

Records, reports and communicates on-scene data. Includes location, findings and interventions.

Medical sensor technology

Upgrade to Bluetooth® wireless monitoring using clinical-grade medical sensors. Can help to identify early warning signs of patient deterioration.

Cloud Analytics

Send data away from the scene. Informs patient care pathway, avoids inefficiencies, standardises clinical governance & audit.

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