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Why 30 compressions instead of 15? – the evolution of CPR

Over 30,000 people in the UK experience sudden cardiac arrest in the community every year. In the United States the figure is 383,000. Many are not aware of having heart disease and may not have any of the associated risk factors. In the UK, fewer than 10% of people on whom a resuscitation attempt is made outside hospital, survive. A British Heart Foundation survey from 2015, conducted by the University of Warwick, highlighted that fewer than half of bystanders would attempt potentially-life-saving cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Only 37% of respondents reported that they would feel “confident” to deliver immediate CPR. This...

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In-flight well-being - Reflections on the 2018 Aviation Health Conference

In the spring of 2018, Qantas began flying its new non-stop route between Perth, Australia and London. This route covers just under 10,000 miles and passengers spend around 17 hours on-board. As the aviation industry now transports 4 billion people around the globe annually and with a global ageing population, health on-board has never been so important. So…have you ever wondered which key issues the aviation industry is tackling in relation to the health of passengers and crew? The next couple of hundred words will provide an insight into some of the topics being addressed in 2018, including in-flight medical...

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First Aid History

If there’s one thing that’s certain in life, it’s that life changes. We do our best to predict the future, but even so we are usually wide of the mark, particularly if politics is anything to go by! However, just sometimes, what can help is to look back at history. Are there lessons we can learn, to help us work quicker, be more innovative, and deliver immediate care more effectively and efficiently? So, with that ethos in mind, we decided to review the origins of first aid, to help us to predict what the future of first aid might look...

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RSE Science Scotland publication

We are delighted to be featured in the Summer 2018 Royal Society of Edinburgh’s  Science Scotland publication, identified for our high growth potential. MIME’s CEO Dr Alasdair Mort explains the inspiration which lies behind our technology, the background of the company’s strong team and also our vision for the future - delivering support to cabin crew and airlines during medical incident response. In this short interview Dr Mort highlights the need for developing technology solutions for pre-hospital care in remote locations. The current and future target markets of the company, as well as the funding plans and previous awards are revealed. Thank...

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Partners in MIME

“Alasdair and Anne, you have exactly the sort of working relationship that we want to promote in Scotland’s entrepreneurial ecosystem ... you think it’s ‘normal’ … and think nothing of it. In fact, it’s great, unusual and notable” As male-female co-founders this quote has stayed with us. These are the words of one of Scotland’s most experienced business mentors, who has successfully supported many young companies, including those participating in the Converge Challenge and Royal Society of Edinburgh Enterprise Fellowship (both of which MIME has had the privilege of being part of). We are delighted to be identified as an...

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The Highlands - An unexpected learning journey

This is a story about how my life was about to change unexpectedly - it would never be the same again... I grew up in Athens, a city with a population of 5 million - the capital of Greece. In 2016, I moved to a much colder (but warm at heart!) Glasgow to study for my Masters’ degree in Entrepreneurship, at Strathclyde University. ‘Big city life’ had always been my mindset; Glasgow and Athens were large enough to give me everything I needed in terms of education and career. If I’m honest, it was hard to see my future evolving anywhere...

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Building our company culture in the Highlands

Earlier this year, Highlands and Islands Enterprise asked MIME Technologies if we would take part in a new case study. They wanted to showcase why we have our base in Inverness - the capital of the Highlands - and what makes it so good to run our business here at the Centre for Health Science. The film also features ScotGrad Marketing Co-ordinator Doretta, our most recent appointment to the MIME team. At MIME we encourage diversity in our workplace; we believe that employing people with different backgrounds and experience adds significant value to what we do. We'd like to thank...

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Want simplicity? Look for complexity

Most of us crave simplicity. Others like life's challenges, even if it's putting ourselves to the test in the local 'escape room', or emerging triumphantly after wrestling with a long-awaited DIY task. As inherently complex human beings, we've had no option but to work hard to get where we are, from our days as hunter gatherers to our new days as WhatsApper Instagramers. But back to simplicity - we try to do less - or better at fewer things - by getting back to basics.   Aiming for simplicity is easy. We've all tried using our phones less, uncluttering (uncarbing)...

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How Artificial Intelligence Can Help First Responders

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing society and our lives.   A lot of the “buzz” around AI concerns consumer devices such as Amazon Alexa, self-driving cars, and industrial devices such as robots which are changing the workplace.  AI is also having a major impact on clinical medicine, especially in contexts such as medical imaging where complex data needs to be analysed. AI can also help first responders, that is people on the scene who deal with medical emergencies until paramedics or other qualified medical personnel arrive (such as airline cabin crew when there is an in-flight medical emergency).  Recent data from ...

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Young Companies Finance covers MIME Technologies' progress

MIME Technologies Ltd feature in Young Companies Finance. Read about recent company developments and plans for raising our first round of investment in Q3 of 2018 in this month's newsletter

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“The Only Way to Predict your Future is to Know Your Past”

The above quote is a familiar, but important one. Today’s blog post is devoted to the ‘Father of MIME’, David Godden, a retired clinician and Professor from the University of Aberdeen. He is an inventor of the MIME technology. We’d like to share with you the early story of MIME Technologies’ journey and how our rural health roots have influenced our company mission:    - Take us back to when MIME started. 2010. How did it come about, and what made it an interesting project to be involved in?  Technology in healthcare was a key research theme of the Centre...

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MIME Technologies appoints Ian Stevens as Non-Executive Chairman

It is with great pleasure that we announce the appointment of Ian Stevens as MIME Technologies’ Non-Executive Chairman. Ian has a wealth of management experience in the med-tech space, including being CEO of Touch Bionics – sold to Icelandic Orthotic and Prosthetic manufacturer Ossur in 2016 – and CFO at Optos plc, a medical technology company specialising in retinal imaging. A graduate of the University of Edinburgh and a previous RAF Officer, Ian is also a chartered accountant, which adds significant financial strength to our board. Finally, Ian was captain of rugby team London Irish in the 1990s, so he...

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The most unusual story in aviation history

Pioneering women in aviation is not something new, think Amy Johnson (the first female pilot to fly solo from London to Australia) or Amelia Earhart (one of the most famous female pilots of all time). However, on International Women’s day, we decided to share with you an unusual story about a woman who not only contributed significantly to aviation but who is an exemplar to the evolution of women. What makes this story unusual is not her achievements in aviation nor her passion about flying but the determination she had to stand out from the crowd. Blanche Stuart Scott (also...

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HAPPY VALENTINES DAY. Our team talks about the most kissed face of all time and the importance of knowing your CPR - on land, in the air or at sea.

For those of you who celebrate Valentine’s Day then it’s out with the chocolates and flowers! But at MIME Technologies, this is the one day of the year that reminds our team of the importance of the most kissed face of all time. Who is it that? I hear you ask. Well, this of course this is 'L'Inconnue de la Seine', otherwise referred to as the beautiful, unknown woman of the Seine. According to the story, her body was pulled from the River by the Quai du Louvre in Paris in the late 1880s. With no known marks of violence...

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Removing the Barrier of Altitude from Airborne Medical Emergencies

Recently, our team has spent time researching the frequency of medical emergencies in the aviation industry, which traditionally is a topic that goes under-reported. As MIME Technologies’ mission is to support first responders in places where ambulances just can’t go, we are acutely aware of the continuous pressure on the management of in-flight medical events across the world. It is unsurprising to hear that demand on air travel is rising. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) confirmed a total of 3.8 billion passengers now travel annually by aeroplane, and this number is expected to more than double to 7.8 billion...

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World Extreme Medicine Conference - MIME workshops

Hosted by Edinburgh's fantastic Dynamic Earth our MIME Technologies team spent the last weekend in November 2017 at the World Extreme Medicine Conference. This event is dedicated to sharing and spreading best practice for the world’s medical professionals who are willing to risk themselves to help others. The focus of the three day event is on pre-hospital, disaster & humanitarian, expedition, extreme sport and space medicine. The conference was exceptionally well attended including representatives from NASA, Medecins Sans Frontieres and the Society for Experimental Biology. In addition to exhibiting our MIME Pro product, the team also conducted workshops to explore the uses of...

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Reality: Augmented

Those of us living in the tech world are always excited and enthusiastic to greet any new technology appearing on the horizon, especially if it's close enough to be within our reach. A few such technologies in recent years include Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Most of us will have heard of VR, but it isn't that new in tech terms. VR has been around since the 1960s, when Ivan Sutherland (along with student Bob Sproull) created the first virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display system, named "Sword of Damocles". The idea of VR being that when the headset...

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Innovation, Vibrancy & Dynamism - 7 days in Silicon Valley

So…let’s be honest. How much do Scottish entrepreneurs really know about the Silicon Valley start-up ecosystem? As an innovative breed of human beings who are keen to push boundaries, one thing is for sure we’re certainly keen to know more! We’ve all heard talk about how great the “Valley” is and how companies can achieve multi-million dollar investments that are on an eye watering scale in comparison to what we generally see here in Scotland. As the MIME Technologies team spent seven days and seven nights packing our diaries in Silicon Valley (a prize won at Scottish EDGE Round 10 finals), we gained a...

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Natural Language Generation and its applicability for pre-hospital care

Let us introduce you…meet Alan and Sarah. Alan lives in the UK and his job is cabin crew for a European airline. 6,000 miles away, Sarah lives in Botswana. She works as a Park Ranger and spends her days providing safari experiences for international tourists.  Both Alan and Sarah share a common responsibility. They are first responders, not doctors, paramedics or healthcare professionals but someone with just a few days of first aid training. Should they face a medical emergency in their job, they are tasked with delivering best possible care and communicating the incident until such time that they...

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A Letter from MIME Technologies

The Proclaimers once composed in their 1987 hit single 'Letter from America' about, "Lochaber no more, Sutherland no more, Lewis no more, Skye no more." You can just about hear the song as you read those words, and the lyrics became synonymous with the Freshers week melee at universities (probably still just as relevant in 3017 as in 2017), at weddings...at really any event that had some element of 1) 'disco' and 2) 'Scottishness', although not exclusively. It was a tremendous international success, and it was written around emigration as the theme. Emigration in modern times, due in part to...

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