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Venturefest Glasgow 2017

Join CEO Dr Alasdair Mort at Venturefest Scotland 2017, a Summit for Innovation, at Glasgow Science Centre Wednesday 20th September. Alasdair will be running a workshop discussing how MIME Technologies maximised support from Scotland's start-up ecosystem.

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SMART Scotland Award

MIME Technologies has been awarded a SMART Scotland award from Scottish Enterprise. This will contribute to a years worth of exciting R&D to test the feasibility of a future product. 

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Press & Journal feature

The Press & Journal coverage of MIME Technologies £80,000 Scottish EDGE win. The entrepreneurial competition is support by Sir Tom Hunter and the Hunter Foundation. 

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Winners of Scottish EDGE Round 10

We pitched, we answered...WE WON! MIME Technologies secured £80,000 at the Scottish EDGE Round 10 finals. The event took place at RBS Headquarters in Edinburgh and the high calibre panel of judges included ASOS chairman Brian McBride and BrewDog's "Captain" James Watt. The prize funds will be used for new cross platform developments to ensure our technology can be accessed from any mobile device worldwide. In addition, we were delighted to be identified for our high growth potential and also won a trip to Silicon Valley, home of the world's most successful tech start-ups. A successful week!

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Definitions of 'remote' - it's not just about distance, by Alasdair Mort

‘Remote’ – from the Latin ‘remotus’ (removed) Adjective 1.       Distant from towns and cities - “a remote Scottish glen” 2.       Having minimal relationship or connection - “The brother and sister’s relationship was always remote” 3.       A networked computing system - “Remote access is available through IP address 192.34.673.21”   Flick through your dictionary of choice and this is the sort of definition you will see for the word ‘remote’. It’s the type of description that most of us would think of instinctively, although I would guess that most people would imagine distance first. Your mind might drift to a...

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Remote sports - incidents on the hillside

Our team recently attended a fantastic mountain biking event at the bottom of Ben Nevis in Scotland. We spent the day interacting with customers and discussing the challenges of first-response and emergency care during a remote sports event. Our mobile technology had 4G coverage all around the route! 

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Rural & remote digital healthcare: challenge or opportunity?

In a world where digital technologies are at the forefront of everything we do, how much of a disadvantage are our remote communities really facing? Globally, we increasingly see mobile devices being used as a healthcare hub; we store information on ourselves daily, like activities, diet, exercise and sleep.…this trend is only set to increase! Although few are currently integrated into our NHS, the future is most likely to see more sophisticated mobile health apps. We are even beginning to see drones being tested to deliver healthcare packages to remote locations. The key contributor to speeding up this process...

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Increasing pressures on emergency services - a sustainable solution? UK Co-Response

Of course, in an ideal world, during a medical emergency everyone needing an ambulance should get one with perfect timing. Unfortunately, the reality is our NHS ambulance services remain under continuous daily pressure at a national scale. Being first on-scene can be extremely daunting and stressful….but it’s a vital and time critical role! Simply maintaining a patient’s airway CAN save a life. There is no doubt that properly organised response teams like fire fighters and police forces can provide support to ambulance services, often they arrive first on-scene for 999 calls. In the UK we now have an increasing number of collaborations...

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Technology on the frontline: can digital health save our NHS?

Most of us dearly love our frontline NHS. It’s there when we need it from cradle to grave. But it’s an NHS in trouble, under unprecedented pressure of resource versus demand. English hospital trusts ended 2016 with a deficit of £2.45bn. That’s a new record, almost three times more than the year before. To boot, this year we saw winter pressure challenges high on the political agenda, with our NHS being advertised at breaking point. Every year our emergency services are under significant strain. Where are things going ‘wrong’? How can we better support our frontline staff? These are points...

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MIME® case study - video Launch

Today we launched our new MIME® Pro video thank you to “Scene-it” Productions. This short film gives a behind the scene glimpse of the challenges involved in international first response. Whether a first responder in the community or an organisation operating over remote sites with a responsibility for care (off-shore, aviation, maritime industries), we demonstrate how our software supports patient management on-scene and communicates this data in real time. 

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Ambulance Today magazine feature - winter 2016

Check out the bio of our CEO Dr Alasdair Mort and find out more about the launch of our MIME Pro wireless remote patient monitoring system in the winter edition of Ambulance Today magazine 2016.  This edition describes how our product has been designed specifically for remote on scene use and global first response. Ambulance Today...

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From MEDICA to remote sports to extreme medicine - MIME on tour

Today we moved from MEDICA 2016 in Dusseldorf to the Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland – Innovation Edition – in Aviemore. MEDICA has around 130,000 participants, and is one of the largest medical technology tradeshows in the world. 17 halls, 10’s of nationalities, and thousands of products ranging from anaesthetics to lumbar support. We had a fantastic time (supported by Scottish Development International), and generated a significant amount of interest, both within the UK and internationally. AT MIME, we’ve always wanted to have an international focus from the very start, as the demand for MIME-related products is truly global...

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Medica World Medicine Forum

We will be exhibiting our MIME Pro software at MEDICA2016 in hall 16 / F04. Do join us for a product demonstration.

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On the Frontline of Digital Health - Company Connecting Interview

Company Connecting continued it's spotlight on digital health throughout November with an interview with our CEO Dr. Alasdair Mort.  Alasdair talks to company connecting about MIME's aim is to develop next generation software for a range of remote monitoring environments. Read the full article about the team's fascinating work with MIME and Alasdair's take on the wider Digital Health industry through Company Connecting Interview

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Blog bites: Good luck to this weekend's Loch Ness marathon runners

This weekend sees the return of the Loch Ness marathon, with some of the most amazing scenery for this 26.2 mile route. The run may be hilly (as CEO Alasdair can attest to!) but there is nothing quite like it, with fantastic support from a number of agencies like the British Red Cross. We'd like to wish the runners all the best; get those PBs, eat those energy gels, but most importantly enjoy it!

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Executive Magazine feature

Coverage of MIME Technologies in the September 2016 Executive magazine.

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Scotsman feature August 2016

MIME featured in yesterday's Scotsman after a fantastic result in this year's Converge Challenge competition. We are delighted with this additional coverage, and always really appreciate the efforts that Converge go to to showcase their participants...not to mention the amazing support they receive. Here is a link to the article: http://www.scotsman.com/busine...

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MIME Technologies reach top 10 of Converge Challenge 2016

We are delighted to announce that MIME Technologies has reached the top 10 of the 2016 Converge Challenge competition. This was from a new record of 212 entrants. Converge Challenge is a high profile pan-Scotland company creation competition and entrepreneurship development programme for staff, students, and recent graduates of Scottish Universities and Research Institutes aimed at creating a new generation of entrepreneurs in Scotland. We reached the top 6 of the 2015 competition but were narrowly pipped at the post! We're determined to go even further this year. Congratulations to all the other entrants who made the final stages of each part...

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Blog bites: Rio olympics - athlete injuries...but don't forget the oodles of spectators

The 2016 Rio Olympics are now in full swing and already there are a host of moments to savour. Some 10,500 athletes will compete over the 17 days of jumping, smashing, hitting, winning and losing. A cursory look at the BBC app will tell you that there are up to 65 sports on offer at any one time. And clearly there is no better opportunity to become an armchair expert at sports you might only watch...well...erm...once every 4 years. There is nothing quite like it. So it was with great interest that we read an article published today by Tech2 'Rio Olympics 2016...

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Blog bites: MIME visits amazing new Hello Digital space at Highlands & Islands Enterprise

You've all seen it before. Most 'working' spaces are the run-of-the-mill desk + chairs + computers + phones. Possibly a nice sofa. Potentially a nice coffee machine nestling in the corner. This is great, but if you're looking to do something radically different and have a space designed to inspire and innovate then it needs to look the part too. MIME spent some time in the Hello Digital space at Highlands & Islands' (HIE) new flagship building An Lochran on Inverness Campus. This was part of a meet up with local business owners and Code Clan to discuss the availability of people...

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