Case Studies


MIME® Human Factors Trials - RBS Six Nations Rugby Championship & Edinburgh Marathon Festival.

Funded by the Digital Health & Care Institute for Scotland (DHI), essential Research & Development (R&D) was completed with support from the British Red Cross, a UK Ambulance Service and University of Aberdeen. 

The purpose was to explore how technology is used in real life first response situations. During this project the team learned about the usefulness and usability of digital technologies in a first responder context and what matters on-scene.

In particular the team focused on the actions that end users "do" or "didn't do" and explored the interactions between the first responders and the technology interface. This R&D trial took place during large outdoor events in the city of Edinburgh.

The outcome of the Human Factors trials provided an opportunity for relevant adjustments to the product user interface. Useful outcome measures also included the connections between the software and clinical grade medical sensors, the interface display and usefulness of reporting capacity. 


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R&D Trial, used by First Responders

Here is a short video describing the type of contexts that the technology was trialled in. This R&D project was a fantastic learning experience, which enabled our team to then apply the outcomes to new technology for aviation.


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Record & Comply

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