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Intelligent mobile software for remote healthcare delivery

Some 50% of the world's population live in more remote and rural areas, which accounts for 97% of the world's surface. The other 50% live in large towns and cities that make up only 3% of the world. Healthcare technologies are often aimed at hospitals in urban areas, where activity is centralised and patient contact is high. Anyone on the periphery is potentially disadvantaged.

MIME Technologies is a leading UK provider of healthcare solutions to support patients in remote and rural locations. Our easy-to-use software runs on mobile devices to provide access to first aid guidance, assessments and real-time monitoring for any incident or accident that occurs outwith the reach of professional medical care. 

On the hill, in the countryside, offshore or working in a humanitarian environment, having access to MIME® will help to provide an appropriate response, in settings where patients can often be hours or even days away from hospital.

Whatever your requirements are for the provision and support of healthcare in remote or inaccessible locations, MIME® solutions will help you take appropriate action on-scene and communicate critical information safely and securely with professional agencies anywhere in the world.

On-scene SUPPORT

A guide through key first aid assessment steps - in-line with training and clinical quality indicators.

Digital data capture

Records, reports and communicates on-scene data. Includes location, findings and interventions.

Medical sensor technology

Upgrade to Bluetooth® wireless monitoring using clinical-grade medical sensors. Can help to identify early warning signs of patient deterioration.

Cloud Analytics

Send data away from the scene. Informs patient care pathway, avoids inefficiencies, standardises clinical governance & audit.

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