Wireless monitoring for emergency care

MIME Technologies design innovative software to support international first response on the frontline of emergency care. Our solutions use Bluetooth® sensors to enable the real-time wireless monitoring of vital signs and can help identify patient deterioration or improvement.

The software is designed to easily capture, report and communicate patient data in real-time. This can help to inform the appropriate patient care pathway.

Our mission is to:

- Help standardise care on the frontline

- Enhance clinical governance

- Streamline time-consuming audit

MIME® Pro film

Our new MIME® Pro film demonstrates how our innovative mobile device software combined with clinical-grade, Bluetooth®, wireless sensors can be used in first response. The film also shows the real-time streaming of data for live remote review, and for the purpose of routine audit.

MIME® Pro is applicable to any organisation that has a responsibility for delivering first response on the frontline of emergency care. Our goal is to make it as simple as possible for first responders to capture and communicate an accurate and complete record of patient data. We recognise just how difficult it can be to do this in real-life, so we developed our software specifically to address this unique, global challenge.



A guide through key patient assessment steps - in line with training and clinical quality indicators.

Digital data capture

Records, reports and communicates on-scene data. Can help to identify early warning signs - patient improvement / deterioration.

Sensor technology

Bluetooth® wireless monitoring. Clinical-grade sensors. Real-time data transmission and reporting capacity.

Cloud Analytics

Informs patient care pathway, avoids inefficiencies, standardises clinical governance & audit.

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