• Managing Information in Medical Emergencies

  • AIR - First aid support at altitude

  • LAND - digital health solutions for the frontline

  • SEA - first aid innovation for isolation


A leading UK provider of mobile software specifically designed for medical first response. Delivering valuable support to anyone remote - in time or distance - from professional medical care.


Resilience solutions for the provision of support and care in difficult locations.
Think ‘blue light’, off shore, aviation, maritime and remote sports industries.

Vital Signs

Specialist backgrounds in physiology, medicine and computing science make our team experts in developing solutions for on-scene care capable of integrating the latest sensor technologies. First response is at the heart of everything we do.

Consistent Care

Know that your first responders deliver a consistent standard of care every time for every response. Communicate critical on-scene information securely and safely, adhering to accredited clinical pathways.


Technology for on-scene environments - remote in time or distance from professional care.


Bluetooth® wireless vital signs monitoring using clinical-grade medical sensors. Identify early warning signs of patient improvement or deterioration.


Communicate in real time to emergency operators anywhere worldwide using secure cloud technology.

Record & Comply

Improve incident recording. Reflect on your data for governance, audit and training.

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